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About Our Factory

All along our journey, we have never compromised with quality. We believe that quality plays a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction, thereby facilitating brand loyalty. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The unit is equipped with the latest stainless steel machinery and equipment. This includes a particle analyzer, surface area equipment, and micronized laboratory. The factory homes cutting-edge in-house analytical and microbiology laboratories of international standards. This helps us meet all critical requirements conforming to IP, IS, and food industry specifications. It ensures we’re in sync with the most stringent parameters.



Safety Measures

At Shree Karni Chemicals, we have multiple checks in place that reinforce our prioritization of the safety of people who work in our company. We have defined protocols around hazards identification, first aid, firefighting, accidental release, handling and storage, and exposure controls. We make sure everyone at the factory feels 100% safe and healthy.


Regular deep cleaning


Safety training for workers


Emergency equipment in-house


Safety gears for everyone


Regular risk assessment


Complete fire safety


Round-the-clock supervision


Frequent servicing of equipment


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  • We ensure that our employees are provided with face masks and other protective gear when they're working with our supplies.
  • We have a clear set of rules for our employees to follow; this includes rules about washing their hands regularly, keeping any food or drinks out of the production area, and not wearing any jewelry while they're working.
  • Our team members are trained in safety protocols and regularly undergo training courses to ensure they stay abreast of current safety regulations.
  • We also have a system in place that allows us to check the quality of our products on a regular basis. If we notice anything sub-par, we know how to find out "why" before it causes any problems.

More About Hygiene

  • We make sure that all of our equipment is in good condition. When something breaks down or has to be replaced, we do so immediately. This way, we can prevent any accidents from happening because of faulty machinery.
  • We ensure that the hazardous waste generated from the manufacturing process is disposed of properly. We have a dedicated treatment plan that deals with waste disposal using advanced technology.
  • We abide by all labor laws and factory regulations. We do not employ any child labor at our site. Moreover, there is no discrimination in the labor force employed at our factory.
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